Colorado Peaks Challenge Week 8

Colorado Peaks Challenge Team Results: CyberCats 2021-01-17 06-51-59
Our Team’s Progress!

This was a three run week with a 12 miler on Saturday.  Our dynamic duo is at 45%!! I’m pretty confident that we will hit 50% before the halfway mark.  Weather was cold, but had some decent temperate moments.  This weeks looks like a low in the high 30s/mid 40s which is a great swing in temperature for me.  I’m looking forward to getting a lot of miles in.  Instead of the 6, 5, and 4 miles leading up to the weekend, I’m going to go with 6, 6, and 5.  I’m feeling healthy enough slightly increase the weekly run.  I may try for 11 on Saturday (instead of my normal 10).  I’m essentially working toward the El Paso Half Marathon at this point, so I should be stepping my miles up.  

Garmin Connect 2021-01-17 06-51-12
This week’s miles

The challenge administrators have this monthly bingo book that has different challenges that you can try and meet.  If you get them done, you will get a $50 voucher toward another race from the company.  I’ve considered doing it, but I’m not sure if I want to use my brain power to log and attempt the challenges.  Still, it seems kinda fun.  I know I’ve gotten some of these done and in some cases it would be easy to accomplish.  I may attempt the bingo next month.  

Image 1-17-21 at 6.57 AM

I still need to find another race to do 3rd Quarter (April-June).  I want to make this race a trip.  My options will be New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  Of course, by that time the challenge will be over.  Perhaps I’ll find another challenge to do once this one is done.  I am enjoying the daily grind of getting in miles.  Since it will be spring and going into summer, I expect I will be putting in more miles via walks, bike, and running.  

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