Weekly Listens (07-13 January)

This is a mix by ERGimenes BR. He created a Samba Jazz mix. This mix contains amazing tracks from Oscar Peterson, Elis Regina, Claudia, Clube Do Balanco and Funk Como Le Gusta just to name a few. I believe this mix is primarily Brazilian artists.

“The Art of Living” by Sareem Poems and Newselph is a release on Illect Recordings. This has some massive Native Tongue vibes. The sound bed is very organic/acoustic with a hint of samples and breaks that blend well with the lyricism on display. I love positive messaging in music.

The DMC Battle for Supremacy was this week. It was primarily done virtually (Thanks COVD). It highlighted one of my favorite turntablists, DJ Ease. He went head to head against DJ Etronik. I watch this event every year and it never ceases to delight.

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Father, Husband, Crate Digger, Runner, and too many more things to name. I don't consider anything special about me. I have this blog as a means to express and record significant parts of my life.

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