Colorado Peaks Challenge Week 7

Garmin Connect 2021-01-10 08-36-11

This was a four run week with a bike ride on Sunday.  Though it was only 5.4 miles, it’s still more miles than I typically do on a Sunday.  Right now I am at 32% alone and our team (technically a duo) is at 39%.  I feel like we’re on the right track.  Thats the good news.  The bad news is next week will have lows in the 20s.  I am not looking forward to that (in case you don’t know I HATE the cold).  Since this is a three run week it means I will do less runs, but each run will be at least an hour long.  Thats an hour less that I would like to spend in the freezing cold.  

Colorado Peaks Challenge Team Results: CyberCats 2021-01-10 08-34-44

My left leg is bugging me.  I don’t have much issue with running or working out, but stretching and certain movement gives me pain in the inside of my knee.  Its not my knee, but my left leg has always been less flexible than my right.  I’ve always had problems with my left leg.  My only ankle injuries has been on my left.  My initial knee pain started on the left.  It hasn’t hindered me from working out (yet), but I do feel I need to be careful and pay more attention to it.

My long run this week was interesting.  We dropped my daughter off at the airport (for her to go back to school).  I made a 10 mile route from a location in El Paso to my home.  Wifey dropped me off and away I went.  It was fun.  I ran though a few familiar areas, but most of the route was new territory.  Its something I think I would want to do more often.  I just need to convince the wife to wake up early enough to send me out there.   

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